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One of the most common questions we received about the previous version of 2009 was how much should be added as a limitation of liability (in Schedule H`s “Architect`s Responsibility to Client” field). The new version solves this problem by providing, in clause G.2.1, that the architect`s liability limit is (overall) identical to the amount of their professional liability insurance. This means that there is no need to insert a separate character. However, if an architect wants additional commercial protection of a liability limitation less than the amount of his professional liability insurance (z.B $100,000), a special condition should be inserted to achieve this. (4) The architect must enter into the agreement before the start of the provision of architectural services, unless all architects are legally required to enter into a written agreement with their owners for the provision of architectural services before they begin to provide these services. “We are very pleased with the new ACA Short Form Client/Architect Agreement, as we export it quickly and find it easy to understand for our customers. We even had a customer review saying that the contract was the best he had seen in the industry. ” – Republic of Architecture The Australian Institute of Architects has published a new version of its pro-forma and architect construction agreement. The new Client Architect Agreement 2019 (“CAA2019”) replaces the previous version of 2009. Members can also refer to Christopher Larcos` webinar presentation since the agreement was launched – download it here. There is evidence that a form of short contract is in the best interest of consumer protection, as it provides customers with a better understanding of the basis of their agreement with their architect. The Short Form Client Agreement developed by Christopher Larcos on behalf of the ACA offers a simple and clear model approved by Planned Cover insurers. The agreement is a member resource of the ACA that is part of the ACA Toolbox.

Members are asked to download the new amended agreement and replace version 2. Just log in below to download the contract and cover letter, which are available as editable Word files and as a PDF reference copy. The digital version of the full and limited CAA2019 services is now available to all members of the institute, with access to Acumen, as a Serbian member. Hardcopy versions of CAA2019 and CAALS2019 can be purchased through our online store. The SFACC is available free of charge to registered architects and consumers of architectural services who wish to enter into a contract with registered architects. The Council is currently working on a more sophisticated online interface that allows architects to create customized client agreements per project. These include a way to store preferred versions of the service phases, tariffs and rates, withdrawals, etc., in order to speed up the implementation of any new agreement. The Board of Directors will notify all architects when this facility becomes available in 2020. The contract review service provided by Informed`s risk managers to Planned Cover`s insurance clients identifies clauses in contracts that pose a clear risk of triggering common exclusions in consultants` professional liability insurance. Consultants who use our service will be aware that the compensation, guarantees and guarantees provided by the advisor, as well as unqualified “fit for purpose” promises, may impose uninsured liability on the advisor.

The good news is that CAA2019 does not contain any of the common types of insurance clauses that are usually highlighted in our assessments. The Australian Institute of Architects publishes the Client Architect Agreement (CAA2019) for design and construction projects of different sizes and complexities.

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